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Feed Extinguisher downloads

Web version

Linux x86-64 binary: feedextinguisherweb.tar.gz


feedextinguisherweb [options]


--listen-http <addr> Socket address to listen on for HTTP connections (default :3000)
--listen-https <addr> Socket address to listen on for HTTPS connections (default :3443)
--tls-cert <file> File containing TLS certificate (optional)
--tls-key <file> File containing TLS private key (optional)
--letsencrypt-domain <domain> Domain name of this server used for getting a TLS certificate (optional)

The server will start on http://localhost:3000 and https://localhost:3443 by default. It will generate a self-signed TLS certificate unless one is provided or the Let’s Encrypt option is used.

Command-line version

Linux x86-64 binary: feedextinguisher.tar.gz


Extinguish a single URL:

feedextinguisher --url <url>

Bulk-extinguish a file and write the new version to stdout:

feedextinguisher --file <file>

Source code



Build instructions

tar -zxf feedextinguisher_source.tar.gz
cd feedextinguisher
gb build

Binaries are written to the bin directory.

Asset bundling

There is a special process for bundling up web site assets (HTML templates, CSS, images) so that the web server can be distributed as a single self-contained binary.

If you wish to edit any of the bundled assets in either template or web, build the bundling helper program:

gb build staticbundle

Then each time you edit the assets, bundle them up and rebuild like this:

gb build